Gran Canaria
**Arucas** is a town in the northern part of Gran Canaria, situated just 12 kilometers from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Here are some highlights about Arucas:
**Parish Church of San Juan Bautista**: Known as the “cathedral of Arucas,” this architectural gem is entirely sculpted from local Arucas stone. The church, dating back to 1909, features beautiful glasswork by the French firm Maumejean et Frères and works of art by Canarian painter Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana.
**New Theatre (Teatro Nuevo)**: Although unfinished, this neo-classical theater (constructed in 1906) adds to Arucas’ cultural heritage.
**House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura)**: A traditional Canarian house from the 17th century, it boasts a charming interior patio with a magnificent Drago tree.
**Ron de Arehucas Rum Factory and Museum**: This emblematic building reflects the local tradition of rum distilling. You can visit it on weekdays.
**House and Gardens of the Marchioness (Casa y Jardín de la Marquesa)**: Constructed in 1880, the Marchioness’ house is surrounded by romantic-style gardens. It’s open to the public.
**Mountain of Arucas**: For nature enthusiasts, hiking up this mountain provides breathtaking views of the island’s northern landscapes.
**Beaches**: Arucas offers both pebbled and sandy beaches, including Bañaderos-El Puertillo Beach and San Andrés Beach.
Remember to explore the historic center, visit the Tourist Information Office, and savor the local gastronomy. Arucas is a delightful blend of culture, history, and natural beauty!

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