Gran Canaria
**Firgas** is a charming town located in the northern part of Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands. Here are some interesting facts about Firgas:
**Breathtaking Views**: Firgas is often referred to as the *”balcony of the Atlantic”* due to its stunning panoramic views over the coast. Despite not having direct access to the ocean, the town offers a picturesque vista.
**Paseo de Gran Canaria**: This area features 21 heraldic coats of arms representing all the municipalities of Gran Canaria, along with the insular coat of arms. It’s a photogenic spot for visitors.
**Paseo de Canarias**: Adjacent to the Paseo de Gran Canaria, you’ll find the Paseo de Canarias. Here, each of the Canary Islands has been sculpted, accompanied by heraldic shields and representative landscapes.
**Water Brand**: Firgas is known for the brand of water called **Aguas de Firgas**, which you’ll likely encounter in supermarkets and restaurants across Gran Canaria.
**Small Municipality**: With less than 10,000 inhabitants, Firgas sits at an altitude of 465 meters above sea level. It’s the smallest municipality on the island.
If you’re exploring Gran Canaria, a visit to Firgas is definitely worth it!

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