Gran Canaria
**Ingenio** is a town and municipality located in the eastern part of the island of Gran Canaria, which is part of the Canary Islands in Spain. Here are some highlights about Ingenio:
**La Candelaria Square**: In the historical quarter of Ingenio, you’ll find La Candelaria Square, home to the Town Hall and the Church of La Candelaria. The church, constructed in 1901, features bells donated by Canarians from Cuba in 1820.
**Handcrafting Municipality**: Ingenio is known for its handcrafting traditions. It has a Handcraft Municipal Workshop and a Museum of Canarian Handcrafts. The Water Mills route offers insight into centuries-old mill functioning.
**Néstor’s Park**: Enjoy a stroll through Néstor’s Park or visit the Posthouse (Casa de Postas), where the Tourist Information Office is located. The latter showcases openwork handcrafting rooms.
**Guayadeque Gully**: Approximately 6 kilometers from the historic quarter of Ingenio lies the Guayadeque Gully, a Natural Monument of Cultural Interest. Explore natural and man-made caves that served as necropolises or dwellings during pre-Hispanic times. The Guayadeque Interpretation Centre provides further insights.
**El Burrero Beach**: On the coast of Ingenio, you’ll find the popular El Burrero Beach.

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