Gran Canaria
**Mogán** is a charming town and Spanish municipality located in the southwestern part of **Gran Canaria**, one of the Canary Islands. Here are some interesting details about this picturesque area:
**Geography**: Mogán covers an extensive area of **172.44 square kilometers**, making it the **second-largest municipality** on the island in terms of land extension. Its lowest point is situated **22 meters** above sea level, while its highest point is the **Sándara Mountain** at **1,583 meters** above sea level in the interior part of the municipality.
**Coastal Beauty**: The coastline of Mogán is characterized by wide slopes broken by deep gullies that extend toward the sea. The most spectacular of these gullies are **Veneguera** and **Mogán**, offering breathtaking landscapes.
**Beaches and Tourist Centers**: Mogán boasts several beautiful beaches and integrated tourist centers, including **Arguineguín-Patalavaca**, **Anfi del Mar**, **Puerto Rico**, **Amadores**, **Tauro**, and **Playa del Cura**. The **Puerto de Mogán** (Mogán Harbour), often called the “Venice of the Canaries,” is a highlight. It features hotel facilities, restaurants, and a marina for nautical tourism.
**Whale Watching**: Sea lovers can enjoy whale watching in the area. Mogán Harbour, with its unique enclave and natural beauty, attracts international nautical enthusiasts.
**Cultural Gems**: For a cultural visit, explore the streets of the old quarter of Mogán. Don’t miss the **Church of San Antonio de Padua**, built in 1814, with its beautiful wooden sculpted coffered ceiling. Nearby, in **Rincón de Mima**, you’ll find murals depicting traditional Canarian costumes.
**Molino Quemado**: Along the road to Puerto de Mogán, you’ll encounter the **Molino Quemado** (Burnt Mill), constructed in the 19th century. It supplied “gofio” (powdered toasted corn) and flour to the region and stands as the highest windmill on the island, reaching a height of **seven meters**.
**La Presa de Soria**: Mogán is home to the largest dam on Gran Canaria, **La Presa de Soria**.
**Vegetation**: The municipality features endemic plants such as “cardonales” and “tabaibales,” along with green mountainous areas of Canarian pine, palm tree oases, and exotic fruit trees.
Whether you’re drawn to its beaches, cultural heritage, or natural beauty, Mogán offers a delightful experience on Gran Canaria!

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