Gran Canaria
**Santa Brígida**, located in the central part of Gran Canaria, is a picturesque village surrounded by palm trees. Here are some highlights about Santa Brígida:
**Historic Village**:
– The village of Santa Brígida lies in a gully and is known for its blend of agricultural heritage and modern residential areas.
– You can explore the **Parish Church of Santa Brígida**, a neo-gothic temple built on the site of the original hermitage (established in 1522).
– On weekends, don’t miss the village market, where you can find local products like cheese, country bread, jams, honey, and confectionery.
**Natural Beauty**:
– Just a few kilometers away is the **Bandama Natural Monument**, an extinct volcanic crater with a depth of 200 meters and a diameter of one kilometer. It offers stunning views of the island’s central and eastern parts.
– Nearby, you’ll find the **Atalaya de Santa Brígida**, a settlement of cave houses dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Local potters, known as “loceros” or “loceras,” produce pottery using ancient techniques here.
– The **Casa Panchito Ecomuseum** in Atalaya showcases an important collection of handcrafted pottery.
**Wine Tasting**:
– Visit the **Casa del Vino** (Wine House) in the historic village center. Here, you can taste wines with the Gran Canaria guarantee of origin and quality.
If you’re ever in Gran Canaria, Santa Brígida is definitely worth exploring!

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