Gran Canaria
**Tejeda**, nestled in the central highlands of Gran Canaria, is a captivating municipality that combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and delightful almond treats. Here’s what you need to know:
**Scenic Views and Peaks**:
– Tejeda is home to the **Pico de las Nieves**, the highest peak on the island, soaring to 1,949 meters above sea level. From its summit, you’ll find a unique **mirador** (viewing area) with breathtaking vistas of the **Caldera de Tirajana** and the **Nublo Rural Park**.
– The cycle climb to Pico de las Nieves is renowned for its difficulty, attracting international competitions.
**Cultural Gems**:
– Explore the **Abraham Cárdenes Sculpture Museum**, showcasing the work of the famous Canarian sculptor.
– Don’t miss the **Etnographic Museum** and the **Medicinal Plant Centre** in the village.
– Visit the **Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Socorro**, dating back to 1921.
– Discover the **National Parador of Tejeda**, located at the **Cruz de Tejada**, where you can savor hand-made almond pastries and enjoy views of the iconic **Roque Nublo**.
**Natural Wonders**:
– **Roque Nublo**: This colossal basalt monolith, over 70 meters high, stands as a testament to past volcanic activity and erosion.
– **El Fraile**: Another monolithic rock nearby resembles a praying monk or friar.
– Tejeda also boasts pre-Hispanic vestiges, burial caves, carvings, and ancient aboriginal houses.
**Degollada de Becerra Mirador**:
– Located between La Cruz de Tejeda and Pico de las Nieves, this natural viewing area offers spectacular panoramas.
Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, art lover, or history buff, Tejeda awaits with its tranquil charm and almond-infused delights!

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