Gran Canaria
**Teror**, located in the central eastern region of Gran Canaria, is a town with rich historical and natural significance. Let me share some highlights about this charming place:
**Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino**:
– Teror is devoted to the **Virgen del Pino**, the patron saint of the Canary Islands. The **Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino** houses her image.
– This basilica, with origins dating back to 1767, is a remarkable example of Canarian religious architecture. It holds the title of **Minor Basilica** (granted by Pope Benedict XV) and is a **National Monument**.
– You can visit the basilica on Mondays (15:30–20:00), Tuesdays to Fridays (09:00–13:00), and Sundays (11:00–14:00).
**Museum of the Caretakers of the Virgin**:
– Explore the **Museo de los Patronos de la Virgen**, a historic dwelling where various caretakers of the Virgin have lived.
– The museum is open Sundays to Fridays (11:00–18:00), with Saturdays closed.
**Teror’s Squares and Balconies**:
– The **Square of Teror** is the heart of the village, surrounded by typical Canarian balconies.
– The **Alameda** (Public Walk) is another bustling spot in the historic quarter.
– Nearby, you’ll find the **Square of Teresa de Bolívar**, featuring a bust of the liberator **Simón Bolívar**.
**Teror Town Hall**:
– The historic building housing the **Teror Town Hall** is part of the municipality’s rich heritage.
– Visit on weekdays (09:00–13:00).
Teror’s blend of devotion, architecture, and culture makes it a must-visit!

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